Picture Courtesy of Joey Benton

Dismal Hollow is an area protected by the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Located in the Ozark National Forest it is 400 acres of undisrupted forest in the bottom of a steep canyon.

The canyon is surrounded by high vertical bluffs rising to 100 feet and several waterfalls cascade over the bluffs. Hiking is rugged here. It's ranked as moderately difficult.

One of the interesting features of Dismal Hollow is a rich diversity of plants. Beech trees dominate the forest, rather then being a rare occasional tree as in most of the rest of the area and there is an outstanding variety of other plants. You'll see virtually every variety of Ozarks wildflowers, herbs and ferns on this hike.

The area also has several large bluff shelters and the famous "bear crack" formation. You'll walk about four miles if you explore the whole area.