The Big Creek Valley is a lush spread of farms nestled between the mountains. Take the Red Rock Point Driving Tour and wander through it for the view of the surrounding bluff lines. Much of this road is suitable for biking, too.

The firebush is aptly named with its blazing fall color. While nature blesses Newton County with beauty in every season, the bright hues of autumn are a special treat that never palls. Even local folks, who’ve seen it many times, watch anxiously for the turning of the seasons and discuss endlessly which year had the best color.

Falling Water Falls drops over a rock ledge into an azure pool reflecting the bright color of the overhanging trees.

Richland Creek seems remote, tucked away in the southeastern corner of Newton County and surrounded by the Ozark National Forest.

The rock-tumbled bed of Richland Creek makes it a picture-perfect mountain stream. It’s a great place to stop and hike and enjoy the solitude. Be sure you carry your camera for this stop.

The glowing yellows of sweet gums and the bright scarlet of sumac, dogwood and black gums mix with the softer orange shades of the oak trees and march across the hillsides among the blue-green cedars and pines, making a patchwork quilt of colors. In solitary glory, a sugar maple stands in a field, almost outshining the sun with its brilliance.