Falling Water Creek

The beautiful little creek that is called Falling Water is easily accessed. A road runs in close proximity for 80 percent of its length. That makes walking really easy. Stop the car and stroll along the quiet country road and enjoy the beauty while being serenaded by the burbling of the creek.

The streambed is very narrow on the upper parts and walking along it's valley you are sheltered by close hovering mountains on each side. It slips along past the well-known Falling Water Campground, scene of one of the largest annual camp meetings in the state, and winds around the tiny, almost-gone historic town of Ben Hur. Once there was a huge logging camp here but now almost all memory of that time is gone and little remains of the town but a church and a community building.

Six miles above the Richland confluence, Falling Water Creek drops over a bluff to make a ten foot high waterfall. If you see it in summer months, you may be surprised that the creek is considered superb whitewater floating in the early spring and this falls is the most notable of several great drops that give the stream a Class III whitewater rating. In high water, its for experts only.

Falling Water offers all the beauties of Ozark hiking, along with an ease and convenience that make it family fun in the outdoors.