Pictures Courtesy of Keith Brown 

Walking to this little-visited formation is fairly strenuous but worth the 1.9 mile round trip.

Located west of Deer off Highway 16, the trek begins as a jeep road downhill into the woods on the south side of the highway. About a third of a mile down, you'll take the right fork and cross the creek that makes the Glory Hole.

Be sure you have your camera along to capture some shots of the water pouring through a hole in the rock. It changes with the time of day and the light, but is always a spectacular sight. Sometimes the falling water catches the light as it splashes into the creek and shatters it into several tiny rainbows.

The trail will seem to have ended and the roadbed gets full of saplings. Head downhill to the left and you'll come out on a small bluff area and then a wet glade. Watch your step. The Glory Hole is on your left and the glade can be slippery walking. To get under the bluff, bear right until you come to a spot where there are some large boulders where you can climb down. The view up through the hole along the falls is worth the descent.

Besides the falls, the area has a lot of interesting rock formations, including bluffs and a boulder-lined creek.