If you're going to go home and say you've seen the Ozarks, there are two roads you have to travel. Otherwise, you've missed one of the essential ingredients. One is the road known as "the pig trail" and the other is rightfully designated a Scenic Byway along its whole length.

    Both roads are two lane, paved highways. Both roads are full of curves and hills. Neither road is going to feel completely comfortable to you if you are accustomed to flat, straight spaces. The attraction that makes up for the difficulty, however, is the scenery, river bottom farms, rocky bluff lines, awesome vistas, and the showy flowers of spring and colors of fall.

    The "pig trail" is Arkansas Highway 16, a mostly east-west route from Fayetteville to Witts Springs. The Scenic Byway is Arkansas Scenic Byway 7 from the lakes on the Missouri border to Hot Springs.

    Come with me and look at a small loop that includes part of Highway 7 for a spectacular fall color tour and a broader circle that includes part of Highway 16 to look at the white clouds of spring dogwood.